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31/05/2009 while home in the UK


Olympic Marine Lavrio Attica Mainland Greece


37º 41.79 N

24º 03.61 E

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Friday 22nd May.  The forecast was predicting the wind would ease from about midday & the morning seemed calmer, so we did some chores.  One of these was to rig the inner forestay & hank on the little jib we have for strong winds.  We departed from our unfinished concrete quay at about midday, with the anemometer showing N4/5.  Outside the breakwater walls the wind was blowing a northerly 6-7, rather stronger than the forecast, so we were glad we’d rigged the little jib.  Once that was hoisted the boat took off at around 7 knots so we didn’t bother to hoist the main.  As we passed south of the next island (Tinos) the wind dropped almost completely & came on the nose, so we started motoring.  The rest of the trip was similar with us motoring in virtually nothing some of the time, or standing on our ear with just the one small sail set at others.  We assume it was due to the higher land of Tinos.  As we cleared the island we were able to unroll the main genoa for the final leg to the bay of Ormos Grammata on the island of Siros.  23.6nm.

The water was so incredibly clear, although cool, that although it was late afternoon I was tempted in for a swim. Apart from one or two groups walking down to the beach & the sheep & goats we had the bay to ourselves.


Saturday 23rd May we made a prompt start from our very peaceful anchorage & with the wind now light & from the western quadrant we were able to sail, either close hauled or with just cracked sheets, with just short spells of motoring, when the wind went too light.  Early afternoon we crossed the shipping lane between Kea & Kythnos, reminiscent of home waters with streams of ferries on routes between Athens & the islands.  Mid afternoon we anchored at Ormos Kavia on Kea.  35nm.

Another very pretty bay overlooked by a number of white painted windmills.



There were more boats anchored & more people, in part probably due to the proximity to Athens & part to the weekend.

We both went for a swim this time as we were feeling more relaxed as we had managed (we hoped ) to reserve a berth at Olympic Marine near Lavrio so we could leave the boat safely while we returned home.

We had assumed that with all the marina facilities around Athens this would be no problem, but in fact very few of them will take reservations for a number of days.  It is always ‘try nearer the time’ so it is difficult to plan.


We had a leisurely departure from Kavia bay, Kea on the Sunday (24th May).  We had our familiar mix of motor & sailing. With the proximity to Athens we found it very much busier with lots of ships & ferries on regular routes, & weekenders out in powerboats. And to my surprise, & pleasure, there was also a small pod of dolphins going about their business of fishing. We anchored in the (fairly) busy bay to the west of Cape Sounion on mainland Greece. 13.0nm.

With the imposing Temple of Poseidon standing up on the headland this is quite a spectacular location, so we settled down to lunch, swim &  people watch. There were crowds up on the headland, arriving by the coach load, but as the Temple itself is out of bounds (to stop people carving their names on the pillars, a trend allegedly started by Lord Byron!), & we had a very good view of it we didn’t feel the need to head ashore & climb the hill.  It was even floodlit all through the night.



On Monday (25th May) we motored the 1hr trip (5.9nm) north to Olympic Marine just south of Lavrio, arriving about midday. They seemed in slight confusion over bookings so we had a few worrying moments until tied up & checked in.  Then we headed into Lavrio to the Port police, a very personable young lady, with a British mother from Dagenham, so the proceedings were fairly painless. We had look around the town, & then back to the boat so Doug could do an engine oil change in the relative cool of the evening.

Tuesday                was a chores day starting with biking into Lavrio for gas. 2 bot tles this time, so one on each bike, followed by                cleaning, laundry & sorting the boat to leave her secure.

Wednesday 27th May, after final jobs, we shared a taxi to the airport with a cheerful French couple, on a boat quite close, who were also off home for a few days. The drive was amusing as the taxi driver spoke several languages so there were multi directional, multi lingual conversations for the whole drive, & much laughter!


So now we have a few days to catch up with friends, the post, house & garden.  We have missed the bluebells, but the rhododendrons are in full flower.