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Mid July 2015


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An odd year, so my apologies to anyone who has looked for our meanderings.

Sugar n Spice was launched in April, & we had some short local trips to check out the boat & ourselves to Walton Backwaters (seals) & river Deben.

Then I was taken in to our local A&E with a stomach ulcer. They sorted me out very efficiently, but I was told not to go far afield until I had had a further endoscopy to check me out, in around 8wks time.

At this point our plans for a major trip North went on the scrap heap.

Late May we did one of our favourites up the rivers Ore & Alde, with several pleasant anchorages & walks at Boyton & Orford, plus diversion en route back to the Stour to walk at Erwarton.

Late June & early July we crossed to Breskens & spent a week in the canals & Meers of Holland.



We were lucky to have fast trips both ways & that the weather was sunshine most of the time. It is a fair time since we have been to that area & it was very relaxing to see the pretty villages & do some cycling on the flat.




Logged distance for Dutch trip 325.3 nm.


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