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Vilagarcia de Arousa, Galicia, Spain


42˚ 36’ N

8˚ 46’ W

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Sat 31st May.  Having sorted the boat & made our number with the marina we took advantage of Spanish hours & headed up the hill of the old town to find lunch, very late by English standards.  Strolling back by a different route reminded us what a pleasant place A Coruna is, before we headed for an early bed.

Next day (1st June) finding the nearby supermarket closed (sunday) & hoping to restock the supplies we walked out to the beach on the north side of the city, along the prom to a smaller useful store, then back through the gardens that lead to the harbour area.  Later we walked the sea wall & back via another bit of old town.  All pleasant reminders.

Our plan had been to spend a few days here, but studying the forecasts it seemed there was bad weather due at the end of the week, so we decided to move on further south before it arrived.

Mon 2nd June.  A relaxed start motoring west along the coast, with virtually no wind.  It was midday just N of Sisarga islands before we did any sailing, & passed 2 other yachts going even slower than us.  (the Sisargas seem to feature in the forecasts for this area, but are so small they are hard to locate on charts).  The rest of the afternoon passed with alternate motor sail motor as we gradually turned further south, & gave away the Corme/Laxe Ria.

Past Cabo Vilano, looking spectacular in the sun,



we turned into Ria Camarinas & anchored at Punta Lingunda at its head.  49.9 nm.

A peaceful evening in the sunshine.

Tues 3rd June.  A prompt start motoring on a grey day with little wind, & mist over the cliffs & capes.  Several fishing boats about.  Mid morning light airs sailing off Cape Finisterre.  Doug had a go fishing which yielded no fish, but brought a little more wind.  Early afternoon we turned towards Ria Muros, motoring again.  Panic, ahead of us a rock jumps out!  No, relief, it’s a dolphin, larger than the ones we have seen so far this trip & one of several playing/feeding close to an area of rocks just off our track.

In the Ria we headed for Ensenada de San Francisco, the first anchorage listed in the pilot, but were unhappy with the shelter & holding, which seemed to be over rocks, so moved on to anchor close to Muros town itself.  38.2 nm.



The evening changed to mist, & then to serious rain – glad we hadn’t gone ashore.

Wed 4th June.  A mid morning departure from Muros, sailing, with pot buoys & fishing boats to dodge in the Ria, then outlying rocks offshore.  Approaching the Ria Arosa the skipper decides to save several miles by taking the narrow, slightly kinked canal de Sagres between the mainland offshore rocks & Isla Sagres plus rocks – fairly narrow. 



Then time to take breath before the slightly less daunting, but still narrow, Paso del Carreiro (it has some beacons!) south of the fishing port of Aguino.  Not surprising there were quite a lot of fishing boats about.  Then on up the Ria, where the wind started to die, past the fish farms (viveros) to arrive at Vilagarcia at tea time.  34.0 nm.

Having sorted the boat, she got a new discount ‘passport’ having been here before, we went on a reminder stroll of the town & had a tapas supper.  The forecast wind started to rev that night.

5th June to 8th June.  The forecast bad weather arrived – a mix of wind & rain, the latter continuing almost nonstop.  We dodged the worst to restock the larder, took advantage of the excellent menu del dias at the marina resturant, did some round tuits on the boat, & again dodging weather, walked to the next little port in either direction.  To the north Carril is a pretty fishing harbour, & south Vilaxoan also has a harbour, but the road there is past the port & industry of Vilagarcia. Luckily we found a nicer route back via a park & old town.



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