Sugar 'n' Spice - Diary September 2006

Fri 1st Sept

A lovely brisk walk  around the fort of de la Hougue & back through the town to be ready for a midday departure when the lock opened.  No wind  at first so motor then a pattern of sail, motor, sail, motor, until around tea time we had a consistent wind for sailing.  Late evening (10pm) we had to make a substantial course alteration for a ship, although we were not the give way vessel.

Around midnight the wind increased & we went to 2 reefs in the main & a small genoa.

Sat 2nd Sept

Soon after midnight we had crossed the ‘run ups’ to the shipping lanes & had altered course several times to avoid other vessels.

At 00.45 we crossed the Greenwich Meridien.

& just before 5am we locked in to Eastbourne Marina. (101nm).

Sun 3rd Sept

Blowing somewhat. Walked the ‘Prom’ into Eastbourne proper, explored some of the old town & found lunch. Sea looked rather rough.

Mon 4th Sept

Lock out & early departure from Eastbourne, motoring initially.

Saw masthead VHF aerial was loose & waving around. While we debated if someone should go up the mast & who that someone should be (not nice in the left over sea from yesterday & hardwork for the one winding) it came completely adrift & solved that problem for us! We rigged our emergency aerial – useful as we hadn’t done that in anger & it is never as straightforward as one expects.

By Hasting we were using the main with a poled out genny.  Then just before passing Dungeness power station we saw a porpoise inshore. Then it was Dover & the usual ferry ‘dodging’ & into Ramsgate for an evening ashore.  (61.2nm).

Tues 5th Sept

Prompt start from Ramsgate to catch tide. Full main & genoa, & into Levington by lunchtime.  (42.6nm).


Full Circle!


Total  Miles Logged              2301.5nm                                            [Engine Hours   216.6]


Did some tidying & sorting then headed home to sort mail!

Wed 6th Sept

Back to boat with cars for major sorting, tidying & lots of unloading.


The September section has taken a while in the writing as it is a regular route for us in both Sugar ‘n’ Spice, & Doug’s previous boat, so we lingered less & there seemed less to say!